What or who are Angels?

The winged hosts

ANGELS have been mentioned in many Religious documents for centuries. The most well known in the Christian community is Gabriel. He announced the coming of Christ Jesus.

What do they look like? Well many artists have depicted them as beings with wings. But those who have had the privilege of seeing them describes them as neither male or female, but a form of bright light that imbibes a feeling of utter peace and love.

Whether you believe in them or not, each one of us has been assigned a Guardian Angel at birth. They do not interfere in our lives but are waiting for us to ask for help when we need it. If you sit quietly you will feel your angels around you. The most requested Angel is the PARKING Angel. Most of us have tried it and got a space.

Most people who believe in GOD will pray to God the Father or Great White Spirit, God the Son, Jesus and God the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. That is the Trilogy, The highest form of perfection. The Guardian Angels or Archangels are next in line and able to communicate with us, IF we let them.

Archangel Michael – The Strength. He will defend you and cut any cords attached to you that are doing you harm. He appears in Red or deep blue robes with Great wings spread out behind him.

Archangel Gabriel – The Spiritual. He will help you with any problems you may have. If you need guidance in any aspect of your life call on him to give you direction. He appears dressed in pure white with tall slim wings tucked behind him.

Archangel Uriel – The Wisdom. He will give you the understanding and help you to forgive others. He will direct you to find happiness and abundance. He appears dressed in purple and gold with small wings folded across his shoulders.

Archangel Raphael – The Healer. If you are suffering and are in despair call on him for help, He will give you the strength to deal with any situation and bring you back to full health. He appears surrounded in emerald with his beautiful wings wrapped around him.
I have referred to the Angels as HIM but as mentioned before will appear to you in what ever way it is easier for you to see them.

There are three lesser known Archangels :-

Archangel Chamuel – Love. Appears in Pink
Archangel Jophiel – Learning . Appears in Gold
Archangel Zadkiel – Mercy and Joy. Appears in Violet.

Also Archangel Metatron and Archangel Sandalphon who, it is said, have walked the earth. They are here to help us protect the planets. And give us understanding of Spirit.

The main angelic realms have three sub-divisions. The Angels which are said to be he closest to the divine energy are called Heavenly Counsellors. Their sub-division is as follows:-

Seraphims are the most highly evolved angels who work to keep the right balance, alignment and movement between planets stars and other heavenly bodies by working with sound.

Cherubim are true light workers in that they work as guardians of all light and colour energy. They help to direct and transform light so it can be received where it is most needed. They help to maintain the bridge of light between higher and lower vibration.

Earth is the plane of lower vibration. Our bodies are the protective clothing we need to function on the earth. Our souls and spirits have higher vibration rates to enable Guides and Angels cross the bridge of light in order to work with us.. Spiritual training practices such as meditation and channelling of healing help strengthen our energy bodies so we can meet the higher beings on the bridge.

Human Angels.
These are loved ones or people we know who have passed over, and have been assigned to us through our life time to give guidance and protection. They work in pure love. If you feel arms around you or a stroking of your face then speak to them they are there to help you.

These are angels assigned to us but in human form so we might recognise them. Mine is a Nubian Prince called Kahali. He is my main guide but I also have several others. Ask your Guide to come to you while either sitting in the quiet or in Meditation. Your guide will be with you in dangerous or stressful situations. Just ask for their protection.

Finally Earth Angels.
“Those people on earth that seem to be there just when you need them”.
When your guides and angels see that you need help they will work together with the earth angels spirit and direct them to the right place at the right time

Angel Signs
Angels give us hints that they are around. A Butter Fly passing as you think of someone. A cold feeling when there is not any wind blowing or goose bumps. A coincidental meeting with someone in your thoughts. A feeling of a warm caress on your body. A white feather left in a strange place or a bright light flashing out of the corner of the eye.

Angels of Darkness
Unfortunately there is always another side to everything. Yin and Yang fit together as do goodness and evil. The Dark Angels are the ones who test our conscience. They will tempt us to steal, commit atrocities; murder or hurt others and seduce wives or husbands of others. Mainly known as the Devil, Beelzebub or Satan there are names used in books to describe them.

There are many books written on this subject that will go into it far more deeply. I hope I have given an incite into the world of Angels and I am happy to discuss this further in a group or circle.