Seichem Healing brings down the energies of the four elements through the hands of the Practitioner:

EARTH = A grounding energy often experienced as heat, cold or tingling.

FIRE = Sakara: Works both physically and in the Aura: May be experienced as pulsing or as a gush of Fire.

WATER = Soph-el: Cool energy, often experienced as waves or a flowing sensation. Works on emotional issues.

AIR = Angelic light: The energy of air and spirit: Spirits maybe experienced during treatment. The energy works with regression and past lives and strengthens the third eye and the throat charkra.


Reiki Healing is a non- intrusive, hands on form of natural healing which can be used to alleviate any form of disease, whether it is Mind , Body or Spirit. REI = The first can be translated as ‘universal’ or ‘Boundless’ KI = The second refers to the ‘Life Force’ therefore it is ‘universal life energy’ which we cannot live without. When our life force energy is low Reiki helps to restore the balance. The Practitioner uses their hands with the help of symbols to direct the energy where it is needed.


Spiritual healing is channelled through the hands with the help of Spirit, Guides and Angels. Sometimes felt as Heat, Cold or tingling. But if nothing is felt it does not mean the healing has not taken place. The practitioner can also send DISTANT HEALING to whoever needs it through deep Meditation.


Why Aloe Vera? It has been known for thousands of years as THE FIRST AID MIRACLE PLANT. For centuries Aloe Vera has been used to treat ailments both topically and internally. In modern times it is used in many products. FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS has ensured that the Aloe Vera used is the purest possible, and is harvested under very controlled and sterile conditions. Grown in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas it has been awarded the International Aloe Science Council Certification, the Kosher Seal and Halal Seal and has not been tested on animals. The Aloe Vera is 99% pure with only a preserving agent added to stabilise it. It is a wonderful source of healing without the use of harsh chemicals.