Spirituality is NOT a Religion, it is a Belief!
It is the light from within, coming from source.
It is pure Unconditional LOVE

Every one of us has a SOUL and a spiritual path. If we are open to belief we will glimpse beyond the veil. If your mind is closed you will not recognise what you are being shown. Each one of us IF we are open will recall a feeling or even a vision of seeing someone around us. A sound or a familiar smell reminds us of a person that has departed from this world. It is not imagination, it is someone trying to communicate with us. We all have the gift but here in the west we have been closed.
For thousands of years the Ancient Peoples, such as Aborigines, Red Indians, Mayans, Incas and more have seen.

We each have a Guardian Angel, Guides and Ascended Masters who walk us through our lives and if we are open we can ask for help from them.

I do not want you to take my beliefs as gospel. I am here to pass on my experience and lessons so that you can find out for yourself the pure truth. My life’s path has been to live and work within the realms of unconditional LOVE, even though that path has been rough. If I can help you to find Peace, Love and Light, please ask.