by | Aug 19, 2017


There are many forms of healing, too numerous to talk about here.
But the basic healing practice is hands-on Spiritual Healing.
Hands-on healing has been used through the ages. The most famous healer in England was Harry Edwards. His Sanctuary is still in operation in Surrey long after Harry passed on. The laying on of hands was mentioned in the bible as a method used by Jesus and his disciples.

When healing is given it is usual for the receiver to lie on a couch or sit in a chair. (wear comfortable clothing) You will be told to relax. It has been known for some to fall asleep. The practitioner will then scan the body, chakra’s and aura for imbalances. They will then call on spirit to bring down the white light to heal and disolve any unwanted symptoms. (Medical advice and prescriptions must be continued).

The receiver will feel totally relax and may experience hot or cold where the hands are placed. Sometimes tingling may be felt. It is not essential to feel anything at all, as the body will respond to the healing given. If the practitioner needs to touch you they will ask permission before doing so. When the healing is finished you will be gently woken.

We all have healing in us and can help others. All it takes is unconditional LOVE. A mother will sooth her child when it falls by rubbing the sore place. If someone has an accident we offer help. A hug is given when needed and a listening ear when there is happiness.

Distant healing can also be given by intention. Just send thoughts of healing to the person who needs it, and they will receive it.

If you feel you have healing properties and want to develop them just ask Marion for more information.