by | Aug 19, 2017

For many thousand of years, mankind valued and cherished crystals. They can assist us to use our ability to focus our mental energy for healing and telepathy. To communicate with our spiritual being, increasing our inner vibrations, thus enabling us to heal ourselves, others and the earth.

Quartz is a crystal of diverse uses and properties. Technically the modern world makes use of its piezo electric properties. It is used in oscillators, capacitors, computers, watches and clocks also radios. It also assists in the purification of air by absorbing negative ions and emitting positive ions. If put in a jug of water it will purify it before you drink it.

Crystals are considered powerful tools for healing, rebalancing spiritual energies at all levels, and clearing auras. They can bring about the growth of awareness in the mind.


When choosing a crystal, clear your mind, breathe deeply and feel yourself balanced.
Place your hand over the crystals. You will be automatically drawn to one that is resonating at the correct level for you.

To cleanse the crystal of any negative vibrations that it might have picked up. Firstly wash under running water. Then you can soak it in a saline solution over night. Smudge it or visualize pure white light going through it.

It can be rested on an amethyst crystal cluster between use to clear it.

Once cleaned, the crystal must be energized by resting in the light of the sun or moon.
Leave for one or two hours. Once this has been done you must dedicate the crystals to the purpose you wish to use them for. Ie. Meditation, Healing, etc.

This is a very basic exclamation as it can take years to learn all there is to know about using crystals.