You are a being of light

These are energy points in the body.
They look like fans with blades overlapping but not seen with the naked eye.
Chakra pronounced SHOCK-RUHS.
In the ancient language of Sanskrit it means WHEEL.

Your Chakra’s radiate and receive energy constantly. If you hold negative thoughts your chakra becomes unbalanced and you feel low in energy. You mau experience fatigue and are emotional without realizing why. You have a chakra for each issue that you think about. These are Money, Career, Relatioonships, Future, Appetite, Lifestyle habits, Goals and Aspirations.

If you base your thoughts in love and faith your chakra’s will operate at a perfect helthy rate. Your energy and life flow smoothly, and you experience harmony and bliss. Dark thoughts, Fear and Anger close them down.



Take three deep breaths and in your minds eye, see a large beam of bright, crystal white light coming into you. See the light penetrating the inside of the top of your head, clearing away any darkness or dimness. Bring the light down to each chakra and see it clearing and glowing in complete balance. This can be done at any time when you have a quiet moment. But it is best to do it in meditation when you can concentrate more.


If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, or amongst a lot of people imagine a cloak of PINK all around you. Tuck it under your feet and over your head. Make sure it is sealed. Some people put a wall around themselves. Find a method that suits you. It only takes seconds to do. Ask the ANGELS to protect you. Bring down the white light.


Auras look like wavering energy around the sun. They are constantly shifting in size, shape and colouring, in perfect unison with the persons thoughts and emotions.

To see an aura, allow your eyes to soften their focus. Hold the intention of seeing the aura. With training and practice you will be able to see the colours and interpret their meanings.

Usually a bright, glowing, colourful wide aura means the person is strong, loving, or spiritual nature. Dim or short auras usually mean fear or constricted energy within an individual.

If you see a person who looks unhappy, ill or depressed it means that their auras are very short and closed. Mixing with them will transfer the feelings to you if you do not protect yourself and clear your chakra’s


Root: Muladhara

Too open: bullying, overly materialistic, self-centred, engages in physical foolhardiness.
Blocked: emotionally needy, low self-esteem, self-destructive behaviour, fearful
Banced: demonstrates self-mastery, high physical energy, grounded, healthy

Does your home reflect who you truly are? If not how can you change it?
What reward have you given yourself today? A gift, an affirmation, praise or good turn?
Have you focussed on abundance or lack today?
Have you lost contact with family or friends? Do you address things like diet, exercise and relaxation.

Sacral: Svadisthana

Too open: emotionally unbalanced, a fantasist, manipulative, sexually addictive
Blocked: over sensitive, hard on yourself, feelings of guilt for no reason, frigid or impotent.
Balanced: trusting, expressive, attuned to your own feelings, creative.

How much are you prepared to embrace change?
How creative are you sexually?
What sacrifices do you make to suit others?
Do you respect your male and female energies the positive and the receptive?
Is it better to give than receive? Accepting gifts with pleasure, gives others something back. Do you deny them the joy of giving?
Do you believe that for your desires to be met you first have to make a sacrifice.

Solar Plexus: Manipura

Too open: angry, controlling, workaholic, judgemental, and superior.
Blocked: overly concerned with what others think, fearful of being alone,insecure, needs constant reassurance
Balanced: Respects self and others, has personal power, spontaneous, uninhibited.

What risks can you take to strengthen your personal power base? How could you equalize your relationship with a particular person?
Have you acted subserviently? Did you gain anything? How can you prevent this happening again?
Who do you admire who ‘owns’ themselves. How do they demonstrate their personal power?
How do you use your anger? Controlled anger is a healthy expression of personal power?

Heart: Anahata

Too open: possessive, loves conditionally, withholds emotionally “to punish”, overly dramatic.
Blocked: fears rejection, loves too much, feels unworthy to receive self love, self pitying.
Balanced: compassionate, loves unconditionally, nurturing, desires spiritual experience in love making.

Do you respond to others through the mind and intellect rather than the Heart?
Tune in to your Heart’s message, focus on what you truly feel.
How much do you feel connected with others?
Are you hard on yourself for “failing”. This chakra is about balance not just with others but with yourself.
Do you “put on a good face” when your heart is full of pain, acknowledge that it represents another lesson. Then move forwards again.
Are you compassionate or do you judge others? Everyone’s reality is different. Know that know one can hurt you, it is how you react to what they do that is the cause of your pain.

Throat: Vishuddha

Too open: over-talkative, dogmatic, self-righteous, arrogant.
Blocked: holds back from self-expression, unreliable, holds inconsistent views.
Balanced: good communicator, contented, finds it easy to meditate, artistically inspired.

How could you strengthen your voice?
Does your posture constrict your voice?
How could you express your feelings?
How do you feel about expressing anger?
How purified is your body?

Third Eye: Ajna

Too open: highly logical, dogmatic, authoritarian, arrogant.
Blocked: undisciplined, fears success, tendency toward schizophrenia, sets sights too low.
Balanced: charismatic, highly intuitive, not attached to material things, may experiences unusual phenomena.

How much silence is there in your life for the whispers of intuition to be heard?
When did you last act on intuition?
Do you truly see what is around you?
Do you look outside yourself for answers? Look for insights in the form of images, colours, words or phrases.

Crown: Sahasrara

Too open: psychotic or manic depressive, confused sexual expression, frustrated, sense of unrealized power.
Blocked: Constantly exhausted, can not make decisions, no sense of ‘belonging’.
Balanced: Maintains equilibrium, and spins at correct vibrational (speed)-magnetic personality, achieves ‘miracles’ in life, transcendent, at peace with self.

Do you retread familiar thought and behaviour patterns?
Does your personal identification begin and end with job or economic status?
Can you reserve time for daily meditation?
Do you believe that you to can achieve mystical states of consciousness?
Are you in control of your destiny?
Is there an issue in your life which you are battling to control through sheer willpower?