After the darkness into the light

Marion’s Profile

Marion Morgan was born in Tottenham, North London and lived and went to school in Enfield. The household consisted of her parents, her grandparents and two sisters, with numerous pets around. Her upbringing was fairly typical for the 1940/50s. Her Father was a builder and born in the sound of Bow Bells. Her Grandfather, her Mothers, father was born in Cambridgeshire. A gardener by trade and from whom she inherited her love of growing plants.


As a child she would play and talk to Morgy her ‘imaginary friend’ and the family called her the ‘Little Dreamer’ not realising that she was in fact speaking to spirit.


The first time she witnessed a Soul Transition was when at eight years old she witnessed her Grandmother’s soul leaving the body. She was at the family home and Marion went in to say goodbye. She told her Mother that ‘there was a beautiful light and NANNY waved to someone.’ She has since seen the Soul leaving many times.


Marion’s Mother often had dreams of disasters and other happenings and her Grandmother read tea leaves for fun but they did not talk about seeing spirit as it was not the done thing in those days. Marion got on with her life but had an uncanny knack of knowing about things that were about to happen. She never spoke about her gift until her then boyfriends Mother Peggy invited her to the local Spiritualist Church. There her interest was awakened and spirit started to contact her. The first time she openly worked with spirit was when her friend tried to commit suicide. She went to the hospital and told her “You will live a long life and do good work” Anita survived and became a key leader for Charities in Asia.


On moving to Kent, she met and married her husband. She brought up her daughter while working full tme. Spirit was put on the back burner although not entirely as every so often things would happen to remind her to pay attention. In 1988 the company her husband worked for relocated to Newton Abbot in Devon. A very spiritual lady moved into the house next door and invited Marion to join a circle with her. The circle was lead by a famous Medium, Pam Beer, (now deceased). She told Marion that Spirit had decided that it was time she opened up and used her gifts. Pam became her mentor. From then on her spare time was taken up in learning her skills and helping people with Healing and Readings. She also volunteered at the local hospice in Torbay which enabled her to give help and support to a very dear friend with stomach cancer. Her passing was very peaceful and surrounded in love.


In 2000 Marion moved to Spain. She got divorced and lived with her ROCK Joseph for 6 years until Joseph passed away in 2016. She leads Spiritual Development Circles in Coin and Fuengirola and teaches Meditation for relaxation and peace of mind. She is always available for private readings and healing to help bring closure to grief and pain.


Marion Morgan is an accomplished, sensitive and gifted visionary. A remarkable medium, and has channelled amazing messages for people from all corners of the world. She also uses her Healing skills to help those in need and animals respond to her loving touch.

Currently living near Coin, she works from her very spiritual and peaceful finca but will also give one to one readings to people in their own homes if required. Over the years she has helped Cancer patients to deal with their disease and face the journey through the veil when the time comes. She has also received messages from people who have had a tragic accident, committed suicide or been murdered. This has given solace to those loved ones left behind.

Marion is a Faith Healer and trained with NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) in the UK. Also uses Reiki and Seikem Healing and was coached in Meditation by a Buddhist Monk. Her mentor, Pam Beer taught her all she knew about working as a Psychic/Clairvoyant Medium and now uses her skills to pass on the information to others.

She currently leads Spiritual Development circles in Coin and Fuengirola. Teaches Meditation to help quieten the spirit within and works with Crystals, Elementals and Angels for the good of Mother Earth.

All readings are confidential and private.

For more information or a personal reading please call (+34) 647 878 730 or send me a email to: